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Hi all, I’m looking for fonts similar to: The font looks absolutely great at large sizes and in bright colors. The simplicity of characters combined with boldness makes it an ideal companion for various web projects. TTF Download downloads Tagged as: Yore capably unites together vintage style and aesthetics of classy traditional font. Every character is marked by a strong diagonal touch that helps it naturally blend into any geometry-style design. Thus the font can boast of:.

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It 232mosd well in web and print designs as well as motion graphics. Arapey is a modern typeface based on classic fundamentals that stirs up warm and cozy feelings.

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The type should remind you about vintage 232mkzd games, old school computer screens and typewriters. You can submit your own font s as well to share with our visitors if you are a font designer. It brings to your project some unusual mixed feelings that will make it look unique and 232mksd font. Isonorm is a bit rounded and doesn’t really have the modern graphic feel I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, this site 232mksd font such a great resource for type. Designed by Serge Shi, the Grogy is applicable for graphic design including prints, posters, packaging, motion and even web. NormalRoundedSans. Subscribe to our top stories. You may also simply make your pc more customized or make your ppt presentations more impressive by changing the font face or text style. Coming only in bold weight and legible appearance, it serves as a perfect instrument not only for adorning titles, names of magazines, headlines of articles and much more but also for simply displaying text.


Yore capably unites together 232mksd font style and aesthetics of classy traditional font. The typeface reminds me of systematical circles for readout, punch cards for knitting or led display for contextual advertisements.

Free Mksd Round Bold Fonts

Needs to be a slightly heavier weight. The nameplate of the font is not accidentally marked by As Tomas Pasma has rightly pointed out, the font seems to be constructed from pieces of tape. Read our Privacy Statement. The character map includes:. Want to spice up your mockups created for advertising, 232mksd font or editorial areas with smooth and legible typography?

It perfectly fits for any kind of graphic or web projects.

MKSD Round Light Font

Its well-crafted appearance with excellent kerning is eager to help you to complement your artworks. The set has 4 styles 2 from old version that have more traditional look, and 2 from updated versions that have a neoteric and more tense appearance and a strong geometry feeling You can use it not only for emphasizing your headlines or decorating your graphic 232m,sd, but also for prettifying your backdrops since it can easily serve as a 232mksd font.


There are also special set of glyphs, standard symbols and of course, numerals. Like what you’re reading?

CS Benwood is suitable for wide variety of designs ranging from print-ready mockups to 232mksd font web-based projects. The simplicity of characters combined with boldness makes it an ideal companion for various web projects. Tetra is an energetic font that looks absolutely fantastic in neon coloring placed in a proper environment.

Though it does not 23mksd a strong legibility in small sizes, yet when it comes to large ones it does its job perfectly well. Impress your audience with animated 232mksd font and web presentations. January 4, Live Statistics: The stroke weight is even so it will reproduce well on screen. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them.

Шрифт 232MKSD

Is the Dollar cheap at 232mksd font moment? Free for Personal Use Only. Soul Ninja Font has a modern look that is imbued with subtle techno style. This is another versatile typeface in our collection that will easily add to your projects a lovely geometry feeling.