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Mine crashes everytime i do the batch transfer. Please look into it. Category Photography , Video Supported Devices: Does not work in Yosemite!! Crash, Crash and More Crash 1.

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Full control over matrix decoding, luminance range and gamma are some of the options professionals require for consistent color across editing systems.

Mine crashes everytime i do the batch transfer. Good But Slow 1.

Had to uninstall and then reinstall to get to work. Promo content provided courtesy of iTunes. The software simply works, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to properly transcode their footage. If you do pay for this application and have 5dtorgb batch issue just know you that it may be hard to fix your problem. For some reason it’s started crashing recently though.

5DtoRGB Batch (free version) download for Mac OS X

Free Bubble Blast Boxes Price: It’s this level 5dtorgb batch control that makes 5DtoRGB Batch a top choice for professional cinematographers and post-production staff. Right now, I have to do this manually, by launching four copies of 5Dto RGB at once and guessing how many files to add to each batch. It doesnt seem like a great stretch to me to, for example, automatically divide a batch up and send it to four different converters running simultaneously.


Post-production professionals rely on 5dtorgb batch every day for its high-quality results, and now even novices can batch convert their clips with 5DtoRGB’s user-friendly interface. I try to start a batch of files and it crashes during the first one. Now I want a refund because all this version does is crash!!!

5DtoRGB Batch

Not happy about this!!! Crash, Crash and More Crash 1. Does not work in Yosemite!!

The software is a little slow, but compared to 5dtorgg old version where you had to load footage in one by one, the batch function is god send. Pretty major problem, hopefully they address this problem. Please look into it. I’ve succesfully converted all of 2 files… DO NOT buy this version of bath software if you’re expecting it to work. The only problem is 5dtorgb batch your application has a issue.

Mine crashes when I do 60p to 24p conform. Good Program, Started Crashing 1.

In my experience I have not 5dtorgb batch able to find a solution or have I recieved a response after reaching out for assistance. There is no update to install on app store or the delevoper site. Category PhotographyVideo Supported Devices: