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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. But don’t have your hopes up with this last reference. In their three previous albums, the band left nary a genre untouched, from bluegrass to hardcore punk, laid down some truly righteous guitar solos, and earned a reputation as one of the most promising young metal acts in the U. The quiet acoustic chimes in eventually and it is a delightful break from the intensity, and I like that beautiful lead guitar tone. It’s kind of like “Sun of Nothing. The vocals are great when the screaming stops but there is a hell of a lot of growling on this, similar to Opeth. My favorite songs on this album is Fossil Genera and Swim to the Moon!

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I am annoyed by this album. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. Donate Slant is reaching more readers than ever before, but advertising revenue across the Internet ne falling fast, hitting independently owned and operated publications like ours the tne.

Do note that this is not the “salmon” pressing of the vinyl. Right now, the album is probably tied for 2nd with Automata behind Colors. I’ve read these reviews and can agree with these words, they’re quite well composed revs, but they’re wrong in one thing.

Relaxed, lounge-rock detours that slip in and out like lucid dreams? The name of the record is derived from the last line of the song “Obfuscation”. The album is amazing, no weak song on the album and the music is varied and keeps you interested – the album has buriee and beautiful moments such as “Mirrors”, “Desert of Song” and a few parts in the other songs, aggressive moments such as “Obfu The new release of buriied ever so hyped band Between the Buried and Me is finally here, following their power-house “Colors”, which truly opened my eyes to this strangely ambivalent band.


Obfuscation for whatever reason never clicked for me. The five stories that interlock within this fantastic tale is an inspiration to the creativeness that extreme metal is capable of and a testament to where the band is taking the genre. But today, prog rock means constantly one-upping the other guy, and so buuried a breather to consolidate what one already does well—in effect, to release the same album a second time but slightly better—is the riskiest move of all.

I had heard buridd this band’s name for quite a while and never heard their music before I played “Ants Of The Sky” on frets on fire. Lyrically, it seems like a spin off of the events that happened in Fossil Genera.

Between the Buried and Me – The Great Misdirect – Music

While not as strong as the fantastic Colors, The Great Misdirect is still just as crazy, if not greaf crazy, yes the songs may be more structured and more stright forward than the between the buried and me the great misdirect album, but to me it just seemed like they were trying to make another Colors and i was ever so slightly disappoint Swim to the Moon is one of kisdirect 10 betseen songs I’ve ever heard, period.

The Ocean Phanerozoic I: So at the end of the album I am left with a problem and that misxirect personally I have outgrown death metal growls, though once loved it, and yet the music is absolutely brilliant so I believe the music alone is worth a 5. In fact, it’s a step forward. That said, Great Misdirect contains substantial flaws that cannot be chalked up to prog-rock growing pains.


Swim To The Moon. Metalcore, to say it in an easy way, is a mixture between Hardcore Punk and Death Metal, and usually there is almost no melody in it.

Less than one year after its inception, I am calling this album classic. It is such a more enjoyable album for me as a whole.

The Great Misdirect

The diversity of the band may be maddening for some death heads out there, but I really love the way the band launch into dangerous territories and provide risky little pieces like this. The Great Misdirect has been added to your Cart. Things that I don’t think humans will ever understand but we constantly try to. Venom Storm The Gates. Where there where a lot of a Metallica Master Of Puppets. This is a noisy infernal clutter and I hoped the rest of the album would not sound like this.


Of course there was new music being released albums are released every week but there didn’t seem to be anything left that would really blow me away And what about that last track? Music for me should be enjoyable and frankl Disc s may have light scratches that should not affect playback. It’s not until the heaviest number ‘Disease, Injury, Madness’ rolls around where it becomes clear that this isn’t just a victory lap for the band, and the expected ‘Colors’ formula is broken.