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The server has write access to the relevant directories. Anti-leech System and Path Protection The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents and also never displays the real file path from Internet users. The “links” are not clickable! The plan is to create a brand new DOCMan 2. You can get it in our free downloads section. Document management and download manager extension for Joomla.

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BTW the plugin is properly loaded in my installation which is a new installation of J1.

Anti-leech System and Path Protection The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents and also never displays flr real file path from Internet users.

It’s done when it’s done. Documents may be owned by a specific user, groups of registered users, all registered users or simply anyone. The buttons become instantly visible, and the hyperlink which tests for the download button being set too.

Document Management for Joomla: JoomDOC 2 – ARTIO

Docman is a most useful, quality component, and widely used – it is joom,a pity to have it marred by such a difficulty, which judging from the posts is likely to cause a lot docman component for joomla 1.5 problems for people. I suspect intellilgent guess that either Joomla Plugin or Docman installer are trying unnecessarily?


Learn more about JoomDOC 3. I installed it on another test server local mysql and Apache on my laptop and this worked fine I then domponent debuging the install joom,a eventually ended up running this insert directly in the database as all other parts of the installation worked ok.

Document Management for Joomla: This means in JoomDOC you will find: We still plan to enhance this and compknent introduce new meta-data related features. I could live without others or try to reprogram them myself.

The programme should create all the necessary directories which it does and copy the relevant files during the installation process; and if for some reason this fails it should report the failure rather than a ‘correct installation’. No manual rewriting needed. I am trying to run DOCman 1.

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What are we missing. There is a migrator script available so you can simply migrate all content from your original DocMAN. Your files are this well protected. For example I did not see it on my local test server prior to loading to the live site.


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Each document or category can be assigned a specific user or group access level. The files appear at the frontend but I can not download anything! Uoomla, we gave up and have decided to do comlonent job ourselves. PDFs, text documents, spreasheets, zip archives, But files have been copied: Still, there are some new features also!

Authorized users can upload, edit and manage documents. I want to begin testing Joomla 1. The server has write access to the relevant directories. There is no error message about this.

If you wish to support further development of this extension, you can use PayPal donations. When You’re using specific 1. Create an account Forgot your password? This may be so, but it is surely a copout. It introduces multi-level hierarchy of compondnt and fixes. Some help would be appreciated. Forum rules Please use the mailing list here: