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We are still working hard to get version 2. Just a heads-up that the ftp: Textures can be region specific, and users can select between summer and winter textures in-sim. Hi, it is available for download, if you do not see them. I was wondering what happened to a lot of the aircraft that are no longer available after the last update? Once you have it on the Mac, you have 2 choices.

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Because of you, a fifteen year old boy has learned how to fly a and land it safely enough that it has drawn national attention. This enables real-time shadows, and support for multiple light sources such as landing lights.

Ah, I flightgear the problem: Oh btw Flightgear work on the falcon 50 quite a bit, would love to see the f and especially the mod f with the TFE power plant make it on here. Thank for putting out the 2.

Hi there Curt O. Je vous dit un grand merci!!! And not forgetting, congratulations on the 15th anniversary……. As with any opensource program, no one is ever hesitant to answer questions for noobs.


FlightGear v2.8.0 Released

Please someone add the Yakovlev YAK Why is the CRJ family so low in quality? I had to mention it in my first message. There has been some amazing improvements since a couple of years and the future development of the project looks very exciting … Thanks for the great work!

I will never abandon this simulator. Hi, i am new to Flightgear and i would like to thank the developers for such an amazing product.

Index of /pub/flightgear/ftp/Archive/Version-2.x/

I am so thankful because this educational as well as entertaining. This is the most awesome game I have ever played in my flightgear life. Sorry for the delay on getting the torrents updated for 2.

The links on Omega Hangar are not working anymore. Your email address will not be published. I would like to be a Beta Tester for this software. The tutorials are unclear and the lights are really flightgrar. Hi, it is available for download, if you do not see them. If you don’t have success, you can try with older FG releasses, and report.


First update drivers, then try it again. I am working on a college project for which I required quadcopter 3d model only.

FlightGear forum • View topic – poor graphics

Thank you and keep up the awesome work! Just a heads-up that the ftp: It turns out there were a few more issues after the first issues were solved that are still affecting OSX An improved atmospheric scattering and terrain haze model means the lighting of the terrain flightgear more realistic.

Hi Jake, the Twin Otter is already here. Make sure to include answers to at flightgear the following questions in your initial post. Thank you a lot! Good but wish that u have a file with all aircraft and airport for direct install. If you are a MacOSX