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Please try and support the artists and submit their content directly. I’m not sure I can make it, I went once before at some weird bar on John st. I enjoyed it greatly. What is coming out? Presumably hipsters enjoying deep south and jamaican music on a novelty level, dilettantism and lack of engagement with the musical culture, preponderance of trucker hats, and FUN.

hollertronix never scared

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hollertronix never scared

Although the Iron Butterfly bit on that z-trip and radar mix was classic Anyone in NYC going to hollertronix party on Friday?

I always love the first half and then get the inevitable casting-around feeling as things move on.


I wouldn’t say its fair to accuse them of dilettantism as much as their fans Submit a new link. I am a bot by radd. A classic Mixtape that never hollertromix old. Please try and support the artists and submit their content directly.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to remember what it is about the second half that gives me that impression. One of the guys who made that CD has a blog that’s often full of good links, even if he’s a little too obnoxious with the belabored slang: I like that they are bold enough to go for big classics – it doesn’t strike me as laziness so much as wanting to ruthlessly rule whatever dance floor they are playing to.


Where’s the NYC party? Look for the original source of content and submit that.

Great mix of dancehall, hiphop, mash ups, and a wonderfully placed New Order track. Doing so will result in a neveg. Listening now, thanks to s1ocki – it’s fucking unbelievable. Don’t spam ‘Low effort’ self posts or personal requests that are more suited to the Weekly Discussion Thread may be directed towards there at mod discretion.

hollertronix never scared

I don’t hate ’em for that I’m just projecting onto the screen of Jess’ persona. No asking others to upvote your posts via social hollerteonix outlets.

hollertronix – never scared

Looking for new music? Yeah it is like 2manydjs in that it gets old quickly but when the sun comes out and you’re going somewhere in the car, just TRY not to put it on.

Please downvote this comment if this data is incorrect! Scarer in or sign up in seconds. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. But that’s what someone told me. I feel somewhat the same way as s1ocki – when I first heard it, it was extremely exciting and fun, and I didn’t know where it was going – every new song in the mix was a surprise.


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But the site is pretty good otherwise I think. I still think it’s good, but knowing how it all goes removes part of my enjoyment, and I start thinking about how the mixing is kinda shoddy at a lot of points throughout the cd.

HOLLERTRONIX: Diplo & Lowbudget by Lowbudget(Lowbeezy) | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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