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With system software 3. I’ve managed to have the homebrew Quake Arena Arcade working with adhoc network between 2 Jpcsp running on the same computer. Fixed a screenshot taking bug in UmdVideoPlayer. List of Full Screen resolutions computed dynamically based on available display modes. The FPS value will only be reached if the application is able to produce frames at the specified rate. Select which file type you want to see in multiMAN. Magic words Genius is a funny words game.

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More improvements in sceFont: Trying to avoid audio play stopping with Atrac3 audio data and Xuggle 5.

Automated Jpcsp builds

In terms of game data I want to bring over, the only important stuff for me is. Free SWF Converter jpcsp r2612. Improved compatibility of sceMpegGetAvcAu: Improved performance of sceIoDread. More investigation is required to find out which memory size is exactly allocated. This implementation is currently disabled and can only be activated in the source code. Jpcsp r2612 problem introduced by r spotted by Itaru.


This might fix to remaining issues with sound pauses in some games. Added draft module sceP3da no function implemented.

New finding in loader: Code clean-up for SystemTimeManager. Improved performance of UmdBrowser on slow computers. New findings in sceKernelExtendThreadStack: Might improve jpcsp r2612 applications showing “spikes” in graphics or small clicks in the sound.

Improved the execution jpcsp r2612 recursive callbacks. Improved the error handling of the functions which can enter the current thread in a wait state while the dispatch thread is disabled: Correctly defaults to “resize x1” when enabling the resizing filter without explicitly setting the resize factor.

Fixed sceKernelSendMbx when adding messages by priority. Allow “on-the-fly” changes of all the Video configuration settings. BREAK instruction is usually used when detecting a division by 0. New java native code sequences from posted profiler information. Small improvement in Memory Stick browser: Tests against the basic demo applications were successful.

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Increased the performance of the 2 new options “enable jpcs; implementation for the Stencil Test” and “enable the shader implementation for the Color Mask” under some conditions depending on the application coding. It is not yet functional jpcsp r2612 only 2D rendering is implemented. Improved compatibility of sceMpeg: Just display a warning. A disc authoring tool for the gnome desktop.


Valhalla Knights 2 – Battle Stance – NPUH

This is version 3. The current implementation is not correct. Removed a lot of compilation jpcspp displayed by eclipse using its default settings mainly unused imports.

Statistics were enabled by mistake in r Added compilation of “MFVC x, 3”. Added new syscall tests to compilerPerf. This will only make an application run faster if the application is often running idle, i.