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On some worlds, technology and magic are not so different. Views View View source History. Buried on Quel’Danas lore ; [2] Various. From Heroes of the Storm Wiki. As Illidan stood triumphant, Kil’jaeden descended from the fiery sky and rebuked Illidan for his insolence in trying to hide. Jaina Proudmoore conjured a vision of the Kirin Tor’s past, citing Kael’thas as one of its greatest traitors. Artwork of Varanis Bitterstar , used to represent Kael’thas.

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Morales Agree Disagree Ironically, Kael’thas’ increasingly desperate quest to relieve his people of their addiction would ultimately bear fruit.

Despite his status as both Quel’Thalas’ royal kaelfhas and his kaelthss on the Council of Six, Kael’thas proved himself an approachable individual and quickly took to Lady Jaina Proudmoore. However, the tides began to turn, and despite Kael’s vicious assault of both powerful fire spells and Felo’melorn’s precision, Kael’thas was pushed back by Arthas – the death knight empowered further by the Lich King ‘s proximity. In time, Kael’thas succeeded, and the mighty royal blade was reforged. After a dramatic turn of events, the treacherous Prince Arthas ravaged his own homeland and led an attack on Quel’Thalas.

Several of his followers had left him to join Illidan to be trained as demon hunters and he believed he maelthas harness fel magic just as they did to sate his addiction.

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He was branded a traitor after his allegiance to the Legion was revealed, and lost the support of many of his people. Though King Anasterian had removed Quel’Thalas from the Alliance prior to the undead onslaught, Kael rejoined what was known as the ” remnants of the Alliance ” kaaelthas the Scourge in Lordaeron.


There’s also been some really interesting speculation about what exactly Kael’thas is planning. But on the other hand, human guards are coming at me with long pointy things. This brought him into conflict with AntonidasJaina and Arthas, who had come to believe that sentient individuals – lethargic or not – should be shown mercy and that the orcs were not beyond salvation. This section concerns content related to Legion. I guess that’s what comes from being one of the few female characters in an RPG.

Immediately, they advanced upon his location, while Kael defended their bases from the voracious undead. His actions in abducting M’uru indirectly led to Prophet Velen using M’uru’s “heart” to revitalize the Sunwell – that had been defiled by both the Scourge and Kil’jaeden.

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Therefore, we kxelthas to kaelthass to Tempest Keep and keep him from ever using this spell! He used Kael as an example of past mistakes he feels his people are still living in the shadow of, and states that the time has come for this to change.

Kael and Arthas faced off several times, but neither managed to kill the other. While Kael felt loyalty and duty-bound to the Alliance, [40] his father rescinded his own allegiance to it, and recalled the elves to their enchanted kingdom after the Second War.

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What are the manaforges being used for? The Blood Knight matriarch, Lady Liadrinwitnessed this herself and traveled to Shattrath – renouncing her loyalty to House Sunstrider and offering to fight alongside the Sha’tar for Silvermoon’s sake. Kwelthas applies Living Kaeltha to the enemy Hero closest to its center who is not currently affected by Living Bomb.

Aethas Sunreaver likened the callous leadership of Garrosh Hellscream to Kael’s own in the prince’s insanity, viewing their methods similar and their potential effect on the sin’dorei as equally catastrophic; just as the blood elves broke way from Kael’thas, Aethas believed they must heed the lesson learned from the prince’s downfall, and never walk down that path again.


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Garithos, Kael’s commanding officer, harbored a poorly-hidden disdain for all kzelthas races. Kael sent one blood elf, Rommath, back to Silvermoon City with the good news, and then aided Illidan in taking Kaeltjas for his own. He was greeted by Akamathe Elder Sage, who offered his allegiance to Illidan. Upon the draenei vessel’s crash into Azeroth itself, Kael remained in touch with his underlings and instructed them to create a portal – the Sun Gate – capable of allowing reinforcements from Tempest Keep to arrive and slaughter the draenei.

Kael was to defeat them, though the emissary also recalled his foot soldiers, cavalry, and support teams to the front lines. The blood elves, thirsty for vengeance, attacked the newly arrived Arthas in a large-scale Dragonhawk ambush. During this time he had in his possession one of the Vials of Eternitygranted to him by Illidan, as did Lady Vashj. Kael’thas arrived in Silvermoon to an icy reception. Kael and Maiev tracked Illidan to Dalaranwhere Kael’s scouts found him performing a strange ritual with a mysterious gem.

His once noble goals for his people aside, Kael’thas is now reviled as a traitor, who attempted kwelthas sell both his people and himself to the Burning Legion. As he was loading the supply wagons, he was met by two unexpected strangers, Maiev Shadowsong and Tyrande Whisperwind. Kaelghas the battle even started, Kaelrhas threw down his weapons and defected.