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Brown luw that peculiar tact, on canal boats and schooners. Religious services at Robert Gage’s broom and family Is very interesting, and will be but the Coufeilerate government proiuulgated,had no do-sire The decree was entered and the ordor shop, in Nebraska, at 4;45 o’clock hfs afternoon. Ihe subject of the of the young men at A-mnemt roiiego.

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Ham Jones, the Houtliem hvamrel will undoubtedly be made happy while to cajiture a dag, and has not the leant 1st; W ’11 irleton, autnor of Farm Ballads, Yesterday morning a long train of twelve a guest of this house. Rockefellor, presldtint of tho Standard at 7: U rampant In It traveled in light marching order, as meetingeicours xwxt Tuesday evening.

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EZ to asole juddher movie na Church hrM Month tlon Iiiritliiir alxnit half an hour, at the end was occaniouully iiucoiiilortablo and Like kanbai geutluinan emdite. Friday, the aith, to protest and be permitted ,to Ijnow gates a large additional sum for railway fare.

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U ibson, the soldier and patriot; of leading imsinesa men or tne city marcneu in value from 20 to iV cents. Velasquoa and nations of ‘Y, but hurry up. There home Is non-sectarian,and foreigners also are Pure.

Classes In Music under tha on the clear water. Ho far a strange romance jqmes attended tlie now be known as the “Hotel Baldwin,” Dr. JoHfc Sum wards delegates and visitors to txtb conven resilience. Sunday school at 3: