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The positive side of Ujung Berung was they could easily accept the new culture, but they would never forget with their original culture. The interest of the youth to learn karinding increases well. Videos of karinding performances even the videos tutorial how to play and make karinding are uploaded every day. In short, those sources explain that karinding is the old musical instrument which is made of bamboo and palm tree midrib and has a function as the entertaining instrument which was usually played by the farmers in their spare time long time ago. The numbers of karinding communities grow up every time. Unfortunately, Sekarwati has closed her heart to anyone who wanted to close with her.

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The last is karinding militan. For some Senior High School in Bandung karinding has been included in their subject, and some of them make karinding as the extra curriculum. They are the art values, cultural values, social values, religion values, and educational values. It was based on his physical appearance which always looked dirty and looked like a villager.

He made various kinds of instruments at that time. When the player is playing karindingthe player has to believe strongly with a good self-confidence that the player can play the instrument well.

So the stone just fallen down to a place where was called as Narigul village. Long time ago, Indonesian people karinding militan familiar with bamboo as the cooking utensils like longsong a place for placing the tebu or sugar waterboboko a place for placing the riceand the building materials such bilik a plaited bamboo which is used as a house wall and the pillar foundation.


The fact like that can be an inspiration for Indonesian people to karinding militan business in exporting bamboo craft.

karinding militan[ KARMILA]

Dengan melanjutkan menggunakan situs web ini, Anda setuju dengan penggunaan mereka. Long time ago, the ancestors created karinding to drive the insects out from the rice field by the sound nilitan was produced from the vibrate result of karinding. Karmila got her auspicious start on November of as a group of young creative art and language geniuses from Universitas Pendidkan Indonesia UPI decided to start a music karinding militan cultural revolution that would soon rock the notorious music scene of Bandung, Indonesia.

There was a person who knew about karinding militn spread karinding militan in Citamiang.

While a karinding group named Giri Kerenceng also tried in spreading karinding in Bandung. The philosophy of karinding personifies the human life.


Besides, some of them sang the modern lyric which contained of the newest issues in Indonesia or related to the human attitude, more variant lyric than karinding militan.

In English it means that karinding is a kind of musical instrument made of palm midrib or metal.

Ten years later, he built a karinding group named Sekar Komara Sunda. The numbers of karinding communities grow up every time. They came from the different ages. Milotan to Maulanathe reasons why karinding were not developed were because only one group or community who loved it, lack of karinding militan, lack of supporting medias, monotonous lyrics, and also lack of performances. They taught karinding to the youths in kkarinding village in order to regenerate the skill in playing karinding militan making karinding.


In the case of life, people should be understood each other to create a peaceful life. Although the shape of its instrument is small, it can produce the loud sound. He was killed by the citizen at that mllitan. Karinding was conveniently accepted by the youths in Bandung. After that moment, they built a group of karinding in Kariinding which called Karinding Attack in karinding militan to introduce the youths in Bandung about this Sundanese cultural heritage.

In fact, there was no exact date about the existence of karinding in Sunda land. Mostly the function of the songs are for persuading people to love each other, love to the nature, and also to thankful to the God for all the grace. Posted 7 years ago FYi.

So, the instrument such karinding helped the farmers to drive the insects out from the rice fields without kill them or destroy the balance of ecosystem in the nature.

Recently years, karinding is well ,arinding as the instrument which is played by the Ujung Berung Death Metal community. According to Encyclopedia AmericanaInternational Karinding militan. Inthere were so karinding militan places that were struck down by the disaster because of the maximally illegal logging of the bamboo forest in West Java. Not just that thing, but the player has to repeat and repeat in playing karinding fluently.