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killer bee e raikage

Sakura uses the ensuing battle as a distraction to knock them out before moving forward with her plan to kill Sasuke alone, reminiscing about her history with Sasuke and failure to recognize his transition into who he is now. Kabuto offers the surprised Tobi an alliance between them, offering his army of Reanimated ninja for Tobi’s use in exchange for Sasuke. Unbothered by Karin’s peril as she is now a useless burden to him, Sasuke shoots his Chidori through her to fatally wound Danzo with the old man attempting to flee before being intercepted by Tobi as the mask ninja intends to take Shisui’s sharingan. Archived from the original on September 14, Bring back the main forum list. Tailed Beast are far more powerfull with a apropriate shinobi host..

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Mas uma shuriken eletrizada corta a espada mostrando ser o Raikage. Juugo e Karin olham aterrorizados ao Jinchuuriki do Hachibi queimar em intensa agonia, e tentar de tudo para acabar com as chamas, klller sem sucesso. Rasenshuriken didn’t get through Raiton, it stopped dead on it. Meanwhile, furious that Danzo assumes that he learned the truth of the Uchiha massacre from Itachi while deeming him truly a traitor, Sasuke uses his Susano’o to crush Danzo to liller.

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At the Summit, Ay is livid over Mifune suggesting Danzo to lead the Shinobi Alliance despite the samurai stating legitimate reasons for his impartial decision.

He was hesitant to approach Sasuke because he was jealous of his superior abilities, but he bonded with him all the same. Heinrich7 Follow Forum Posts: At the same time, as Mifune deemed him no longer a risk as Killer Bee is alive, Ay is elected leader of First Shinobi Alliance and leaves to find and discipline his brother while the other Kage proceed to meet up with their respective feudal lords to inform them of the change of events.


With Ao in pursuit, Fu acts on Danzo’s orders to steal back the Byakugan by any means necessary. One of my favourite teams with samui is this: This page was last edited on 11 Aprilat Once his friends have gathered, Naruto insists that they leave Sasuke to him while keeping them in the dark about what occurred to their annoyance.

This don’t mean much here, the rasenshuriken pretty much removed his chakra cloak for some time, enough damage can do the same, they do have infinity chakra but that doesn’t mean that they can use them all at the same time, from what it looked, it still needed a recharge. Tobi then reveals the Akatsuki’s purpose is to gather the Tailed Beasts so he can revive the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuriki as part of his plan to take over r world by casting an Infinite Tsukuyomi to subjugate everyone to his will, revealing Killer Bee’s faked capture to Ay.

Killer Bee e Naruto Vs Yondaime Raikage (Full Fight) – Legendado em PT-BR (HD) GIF

Samehada should be able to absorb the Raikage’s Raiton armor giving B the win. To start discover a new world, Sign up for free.

Hiddenlight Follow Forum Posts: Kakashi realizes that the repeated hatred coursing through the Uchiha’s history has made Sasuke what he is now. At the Summit, after seemingly killing White Zetsu by accident, Ay and his bodyguards leave to intercept Sasuke as Danzo justifies his action of influencing Mifune are a necessary to unify the Shinobi Nations which Onoki calls a futile pipe dream.

Now things are different. But Mei and Chojuro intervene and rescue Ao, with Fu forced to cancel the jutsu and return to rsikage body.

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And Jinchuurikis raiiage than Tailed Beasts. Naruto tries to convince the Fourth Raikage Ay to stop the order of execution on Sasuke Uchiha, adamant to the point of falling on his knees as he does not want either his people or those of the Hidden Cloud to kill each other in a cycle of hatred. As Kakashi finds Sai and others while heading towards her, Sakura finds herself being tested by Sasuke when he reveals his new ambition is to slaughter everyone in the Hidden Leaf Village and requests proof of her loyalty to him by killing Karin.


If enemy removes buffs from Wind Main and controls her it can get difficult, also easy to control Shisui. Indeed still an impressive feat for him, seeing that the rasenshuriken only broke through his armour and slightly damaged him, I don’t see the 4th Raikage enduring that for example.

Unbothered by Karin’s peril as she is now a useless burden to him, Sasuke shoots his Chidori through her to fatally wound Danzo with the old man attempting to flee before being intercepted by Tobi as the mask ninja intends to take Shisui’s sharingan.

But Sakura’s last second hesitation enables the blind Sasuke to grab the weapon from her, the girl only saved from certain death when Naruto takes the stab meant for her.

It’s fast, free, simple and enjoyable! Tobi then brings a fully healed Sasuke and Karin before Danzo, who finishes unsealing his arm at that point and reveals it to be covered in multiple Sharingan, intending to add the eyes of the two Uchiha to it.

Sakura attempts to release Naruto from his promise raikagw her in retrieving Sasuke raaikage claiming to love him and has given up on their former teammate.

killer bee vs kisame english sub

Bee is raikzge enough to compete with the 4th Raikage in strenght and speed and managed to stop the chidori blade with his own.

At the same time, a fearful Karin and the rest of Taka noting the change in their leader’s approach, Sasuke mercilessly dispatches the samurai before Ay arrives.

The Uchiha and the Senju from which the First Hokage was born into.

Collection – Volume 18 – DVD”. Sakura, spiriting Karin to safety to heal, attempts to attack Sasuke from behind with a poisoned kunai.

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