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I have done step 12 a few times with no luck. News – Beta 2 of iOS The inner window frame highlights in blue, indicating that you can drop the file there. After the installation disk boots up, the first thing you should do is run Disk Utility and format the hard drive. Hence, simply skip step 9 I also made one little change to step 8:

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But I still get the same error message over and over!

Also, how can I use gestures in the vm? My host os picks them up. Once that is finished, you can eject the BaseSystem image, it is no longer needed. I didnt understand the sudo stuff and did it to the letter and all worked well.

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August 29, at To request a new product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page. One could also install it in VirtualBox… VB is free for just a little bit longer than 30 days. You need to enable security on this component, as it could expose confidential information see Allowing User Impersonation.


Is there a fix?

Install & Run Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in a Virtual Machine with VMWare

March 16, at 3: This does not apply for Macs that came with Lion pre-installed, as Apple’s License Agreement does not allow this version to be virtualized. Thanks to the author. If I click Cancel it stops and suspends the VM.

From Mac OS X By continuing to browse the site, lmage this banner, scrolling this webpage, or clicking a link, you agree to these cookies. The system checks for the existence of a file in a specific location; you can vmawre a server installation simply by creating that file.

How To Install Mac OS X Lion Retail On VMware – Video Tutorial – ITzGeek

This will then bring you to another menu where you choose which imagge to boot from. You can then move through the list to determine which device would be the CD to boot from. One of these hidden files is BaseSystem. Actually, using Google, I was able to find a copy here: Also, if the hard disk is going to be used as a boot disk, it cannot be split into separate 2 GB files, so make sure to deselect that option when the HD is created.


Is there any extra setting on VMWare? This is really only recommended for more technically inclined Mac OS X users.

April 3, at 7: March 27, at I retried now without the nvram above and so far is going well. Hence, simply skip step 9 I also made one little change to step 8: Choose Continue without disc. Select your language and press enter.

Choose OS X Then check out the great walkthrough from ObviousLogic: Delete the current nvram file if one exists. April 7, at 1: Now you can quit the Terminal, choose Startup Disk from the Utilities menu and restart from the hard disk. September 5, at 2: