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Hold the shift key while holding the right click button to pull the wire vertically or horizontally. The MMANA-GAL drop down menu offers 1,2,4 or 8 copies but an intermediate number can be entered by backspacing over the number and entering a new value. Positive and negative values are compared to their absolute values, e. This is useful to observe the antenna behavior from the viewpoint of the height or frequency. With the above to consider and much more to discover, MMANA-GAL is by all means a practical and handy tool to have around when you need to analyze and optimize antennas. Input a value manually to other fields. To print the beam pattern, push the Print button and proceed with the dialog box.


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Use of the Geometry window to input such data can be very tedious and may result in simple errors when specifying the elements using the X-Y-Z coordinates. Pursuing the gain often results in the low impedance. If you set space in the what box, the vertical and horizontal spaces are changed at the same time. If this wire, on the other hand, is connected to another wire, a pulse is assigned to the end point.

To Edit a wire, click the Edit Wire button in the menu panel, and click on the wire to be edited. Be careful when modeling current direction at the source. The coefficients of the numerators are A0 – An and those of the denominator are B0 – Bn. However, it increases the calculation time for the convergence.


But remember not to save any files with the same name just in case the file gets modified -“corrupted” and is no longer correctly optimized etc. Note, however, that this calculation is not completely accurate and some level of error can be expected.

You can explore its frame in a 3D manner by using your mouse to rotate it on any mmana-al.


Push the Advanced button to set the target at length. If the specified wire changes mjana-gal coordinates, the connected wires also changes together to keep them connected. In either case, the target Z must be greater than the reference R. You can add, modify, and delete the wire using mouse operations.


However, in the special case where a wire has its Z-axis value defined as zero 0a pulse is assigned to that point a vertical antenna is a typical example.

For instance, an nmana-gal element consist of 3 tubes of differing diameters: Even if you specify equal segmentation, the actual segmentation will not follow this rule because of the element’s construction. You can set the parameters above as up to variables. These are most basic variables.


This is mmana-gao for defining a complicated element e. These features are described in the following sections using a yagi antenna as an example.


Push the OK button. Gh is derived simply by substituting 2.


X-axis ending position of the wire unit is meter or l. Antenna characteristics can change when the element’s radius. This is specified under the TYPE column with a left click of the mouse. Mmanz-gal that have the same XYZ coordinates are assumed to be connected to each other. It divides the element section near the bending point into small segments, but divides the other sections straight sections into large segments.

MMANA-GAL download

Typically HF Yagi antennas are made with two or more telescoping sections of different sized tubes to reduce droop of the antenna and reduce its wind resistance. Select the Calculate tabto return to the Calculate windowand change the default frequency to The combination Stub match is calculated using the following parameters; ZL for the load antenna impedance, Zo for the feeder impedance of sections L1 and L2, and Zi for input impedance to the radio or transceiver.

Set the frequency as the variable and set jX to the goad.

Select View, the simple single line element is now a square. This pop-up menu provides a polar coordinates editor. Consider SWR in the optimization for obtaining reasonable results.