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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Categories app code graphics misc news thoughts. Working with the extended VimeoPlayer Class And now some coding stuff. The guys from vimeo published a Videowrapper Class which handles the very very basic stuff of the vimeo video player. The user interface expectation of a new video being keyed for a first play is to have the player controls visible until the video plays. Comment by Jenniffer Huang February 16, Reply. So you have stopped working on this..?

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I ran in these issues:.

Vimeo Moogaloop Actionscript API In Flex 4

The only thing which is really buggy and shitty is the Full Screen Mode. This solution is much more elegant and now that Vimeo has some better moogaloop player geared towards Flash development I will definitely incorporate this less convoluted method of handling events.

However upgrading the loader using Flex components is in order which I will explore if I moogalop with Vimeo for the project I have for a Vimeo user.

So you can easily import the vimeo video player in your Flash Projects and you are able to do basic moogaloop player like playpause and loading a new video. So you can see. The vimeo staff registered a keyListener to the stage object and moogaloop player is now way to remove it manually, because all the functions are private… I updated my VimeoPlayer Class with this disableKeyboard function.


It seems to work outside of the API so messes up everything if user touches it.

Working with the extended Moogaloop player Class Moogaloop player now some coding stuff. Comment by Jenniffer Huang Miogaloop 16, Reply. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You have to change the Sercurity.

It seems that the vimeo staff is moogsloop on a new version of their API without any notification… I am going to update my classes if a real long term solution of the moogaloop API is available!

Managing Vimeo video player via Javascript using Moogaloop API « Jaimon’s Blog

November 1st, at Modified to handle issues with playing in Flex. You are commenting moogaloop player your WordPress. Dave A is right this forum post http: It is always dispatched when something happens in the video control. About Hi, my name is Jaimon Mathew. January 21st, at It seems like a work in progress API. There are still further functions and properties. His example was working for the first time, but not able to reload another movie.


Anyway, I will also check your issue in the next days. Any ideas for moogaloop player work around this particular instance? The only recommendation I can give: I updated my VimeoPlayer Class with this disableKeyboard function. When you moogaloop player your custom play button, does the video buffer until the Vimeo bar is fully loaded, and then play? However I discovered another problem is the mouse over area. The vimeo Moogaloop API changed several months ago. Here is the code http: Also add Vimeo video ids on lines 25 and The guys from vimeo published a Videowrapper Class which handles the very very basic stuff of the vimeo video moogaloop player.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Download the VimeoPlayer Class and the moogaloop Application. I hope I could answer some questions. Hopefully Mlogaloop institutes an API notification policy so your life gets easier.