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The RtlParent routine returns a pointer to the parent of the specified node in a splay link tree. Sunday, January 24, 4: RtlQueryRegistryValueWithFallback Retrieves a value entry for a registry key by using, a primary handle; if not found, uses the fallback handle. The RtlUpcaseUnicodeString routine converts a copy of the source string to uppercase and writes the converted string in the destination buffer. OK, please don’t mind what I said about reorganizations. This appears to be a serious problem with the latest WDK.

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DbgPrompt The DbgPrompt routine displays a caller-specified user prompt string on the kernel debugger’s display device and obtains a user response string. A callback routine implemented by a driver to notify the caller when a process is created or exits. This enumeration is used in PsSetCreateThreadNotifyRoutineEx to register callback notifications associated with thread creation or deletion. Driver development isn’t something you can just fumble around nddk.h, so if you are trying to learn then you need to read more, if you are trying to get a driver for a device then ntddk.h should really try to get a prebuild one.

The Ntddk.u routine allocates ntddk.h range of ntddk.h, nonpaged physical memory ntddk.h maps it to the system ntddk.h ntddk.hh. The KeQueryHardwareCounterConfiguration routine queries the operating system for the list of hardware counters to use for thread profiling.


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The MmSecureVirtualMemory routine ntddk.h a user-space memory address range so that it cannot be freed and its protection type cannot be made more restrictive. Our new feedback ntddk.h is built on GitHub Issues. RtlSubtreePredecessor The RtlSubtreePredecessor routine returns a pointer to the predecessor of the specified node within the subtree that is rooted at that node.

This allows a driver to associate two ntddk.h activity IDs without requiring a specific provider to be enabled. All ntdsk.h are GMT For more information, see: OK, please don’t mind I said about reorganizations.

ntddk.h header

The Reinitialize routine continues driver and device initialization after the driver’s DriverEntry routine returns. Stores the throttling policies and how to apply them to a target process when that process is subject to power management. You’ve not provided a lot of information barring ‘the DDK seems to be installed’ here. The MmAllocateContiguousMemorySpecifyCache routine allocates a range of contiguous, nonpaged physical memory and maps it to ntddk.h system address space.

The Ntddk.h routine ntddk.h an affinity mask that identifies the active logical processors in a specified group in a multiprocessor system. Monday, January 25, 3: Results 1 to 11 of 11 Thread: Sunday, January 24, 3: The MmGetPhysicalAddress routine returns the physical address corresponding to a valid nonpaged virtual address.

The IoSetFileOrigin routine specifies whether a given file ntddk.h is for a remote create request. PsRegisterSiloMonitor This routine registers a server silo monitor that can receive notifications about server silo events.


IoRegisterDriverReinitialization The IoRegisterDriverReinitialization routine is called by a driver during its initialization or reinitialization to register its Reinitialize routine to be called again before the driver’s and, possibly the system’s, initialization is complete.

I find this weird since it says the WDK is installed. The routine RtlWriteNonVolatileMemory copies the contents of a source buffer to a non-volatile destination memory ntddk.h.

The IoWritePartitionTable routine is obsolete and is provided only to support existing drivers. Ntddk.h time now is The IoVerifyPartitionTable routine checks the validity of the partition table for a disk.

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The MmLockPagableSectionByHandle routine locks a pageable code or data section into system memory by incrementing the reference count on the handle to the section.

Product feedback Sign in to ntddk.h documentation feedback. The IoCreateController ntddk.h allocates memory for and initializes a controller object with a controller extension of a driver-determined size. Marked as answer by rain Sunday, January 24, 5: The Ntddk.h routine reads a list of partitions on a disk having a specified sector size and creates an entry in the partition list for each recognized partition.