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For example, simple sensor connections should not use a lot of connection time may be configured as Low bandwidth connections while a connection to a phone or tablet may enable a better user-experience if it is configured as a High bandwidth connection. This means that applications can now select the mode of operation when performing a pairing or bonding procedure: From 0 to 8 connections can be configured for beacon to smart watch applications. Stack handled, no attributes require authorization. GAP Address cycle modes. The number of connections and bandwidth per connection are configurable, offering memory and performance optimization. Type definitions, macros, error codes, SVC and event number subranges etc.

s130 softdevice

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Carles over 3 years ago. Central Connection Parameter Update. Passkey Entry with static passkey. Passkey Entry, Peripheral displays. Some of the headlines for developers of Bluetooth Smart products: Encryption Establishment using stored keys. Type definitions, macros, z130 codes, SVC and event number subranges etc. GAP Address cycle modes. Passkey Entry, Peripheral displays.


s130 softdevice

Pairing failed from central. Pairing aborted by the application.

Production release of S130 & S132 v2.0 SoftDevices for the nRF51 and nRF52

The SoftDevice requirements are shown for both when the SoftDevice is enabled and disabled. I already know you provide experimental example, but could you please give me more information? Documentation feedback Developer Zone Updated It contains hundreds sftdevice useful firmware modules and examples to assist in building your application. A bootloader may be used to update eoftdevice firmware on the SoC.

Events, type definitions and API calls. Pairing aborted by the application. Pairing failed from master. Get Documentation Notify me about updates.

Type definitions, macros, error codes, SVC and event number subranges etc.

S SoftDevice: API Reference

Concurrent link as a Peripheral and Broadcaster. SoftDevice Global Error Codes. Stack handled, one or more attributes require authorization.

You can now configure the SoftDevice for the type of throughput performance your application demands. SoftDevice information structure The SoftDevice binary file contains an information structure. SoftDevice S is a Bluetooth 4. Peripheral Connection Establishment and Termination.


s130 softdevice

Thread Mode Event Retrieval. Error Codes Base number definitions. Keysize out of supported range.

Please send us your feedback about the documentation! GAP Advertising filter policies.

Up 0 Down Reply More Cancel. Common types and macro definitions. For concurrent multiprotocol implementations, the Radio Timeslot API allows the application protocol to safely schedule radio usage between BLE events. Peripheral Connection Parameter Update.