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If that’s true, then Sam thinks that the spell may have lived on in Brick’s body and affected the people who received his organs. Why would his mother’s closet be in here? And me, I was the wife, and I was the woman in hiding, and then, when I got into my forties, I became Brick’s mother. When they met in the s, they fell in love and Eleanor ignored what Brick was doing so that she could be with him. Worst TV episodes ever. Later, she performs a ritual in which she repeats a phrase in a strange language and then bites into the heart. Back at the hotel, Sam checks the Internet and confirms that all of the people that won the trophies mentioned in the letters all look much the same, and they all like Brick.

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Also, although a likely suspect, he could not have committed the murder in Minneapolis because he was testifying in court.

Not having supernaturql explain yourself to anybody. As the brothers come after her, the other donor recipients, including Paul and Jimmy Yang, attack the brothers.

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For more information see Jensen Directing. The organ recipient who lives in Phoenix, Jimmy Tang, has been missing for days. He also notices an email to Sam from a university, answering superntaural about admissions.


He had lived centuries all alone, but I don’t think he could bear the thought of life without me. He sweet talks her supernatural s08e03 avi calling him when she can determine the donor and leaves.

I know where I supernatural s08e03 avi at my best. Now that image is permanently etched into my retinas. The Maya were all about war and torture and conquest The suspect is a police officer named Arthur Swenson. A man is in the s08r03, and he compliments her on her performance. Yeah, that makes sense. Sam points out that Paul is a bit overweight and the man admits that he had a health scare a year ago and has been exercising ever since.

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Sam insists that he’s just considering his options and Dean drops the matter for the moment vai that they can focus on Eleanor. And then, there’s another article from six months ago. We’re — where the hell are we? Dean grabs his knife and stabs Randa, and the heart is consumed in a burst of energy. It returns the result “language unknown.

While they wait for Dr. Two hearts ganked, same city, six months apart. It may suupernatural be compelling them to perform the ritual. This episode summary is an official CW press release. Inside, they discover a treasure trove of old athletic equipment, ranging from football and baseball gear to kendo and archery equipment. It supernatural s08e03 avi that Brick was just the most recent incarnation of a man who suppernatural been alive and playing competitive sports for at least 70 years.


Dean finds a supernatkral room filled with sports memorabilia. Jogger s08s03 Minneapolis gets his heart ripped out. Officer Levitt Paul Boyle The cornea is the transparent layer on the surface of the eyeball. As they go, Dean spots another report about a similar murder.

Dean notes that Arthur’s eyes are mismatched, supernatural s08e03 avi blue and one brown, and then tests him for demonic possession by pouring holy water on his arm. Eleanor had no idea that Brick’s organs were compelling people to kill, but she thinks now that if they can stop Brick’s beating heart, the spell will end.

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As they drive to Boulder, Dean is enthused about how the case is going and that the two of them are together again, hunting monsters.

Sam says that he doesn’t feel like a table and is quitting once they find Kevin and the tablet. Sam remembers a birthday supernaturwl with Amelia.