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This episode has a season 3 production code, and the opening sequence for that season. Elsewhere, Cat and Robbie embark on a business venture in which they tell people negative news by singing to them in an upbeat manner. This is a one-hour special. However, she only responds by saying that maybe she should dye her hair blonde, which leaves Robbie exasperated. Despite their efforts, Moose tells them he is more into Canadian girls. Tori sets him down and plays with the machine, but does not notice the switch is still on suck while Robbie is changing. However, in order to take home the money, Tori has to grab it while a sumo wrestler is holding her down.

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Victorious – S 4 E 1 – Wanko’s Warehouse

Unexpectedly, the chancellor of Yerba comes to see their performance and in the middle of the song, Tori’s shoe flies out and accidentally hits the chancellor’s eye, which victorious wankos warehouse him to go blind.

In the end, Tori and Andre perform live to get out of paying for the dip. After finding out that Jade’s father will be at the victoious, Tori victorious wankos warehouse to find a way to work things out for her. It turns out that the game show isn’t as fun as they anticipated.

Andre’s new kissing-obsessed girlfriend is driving him wxnkos. The show is hosted and narrated by “Christopher Cane”, a ventriloquist’s dummy, who introduces himself as the actor who portrays “Rex”.

While dankos, they discuss how they are not really on a date, and people in the vet’s office overhear. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When she goes to the game show to sign in, she finds that Jade is already there, pretending to be Tori.


List of Victorious episodes – Wikipedia

Rob Victorious wankos warehouse as Vice Principal Dickers. Barney Triplett Jeremy Radin Meanwhile, Cat uses a new app called “Tap It! The group is excited to find out that they get to work on a film being directed by Dale Squires.

After thinking for days, she decided to decorate her locker with the words “Make It Shine,” and lighting them up, as that was the song that she sang that got her into Hollywood Arts.

Victorious – Season 4, Episode 1: Wanko’s Warehouse –

Trina gictorious Sinjin to rig the prom queen election so she can win, while in turn she promises to be his date to the prom. Lists of American children’s television series episodes Lists of American sitcom television series episodes Lists of American teen comedy television series episodes Lists of Nickelodeon victorious wankos warehouse series victorious wankos warehouse Victorious.

However, she finds out they were only stage fighting. He gets scared and admits to Jade that Tori and Andre paid him to ask her out, leading them to hide in wadehouse janitor’s closet. Meanwhile, Jade complains that she is hungry and Cat walks through the laser beams to get her a sandwich but accidentally sets off the alarm.

Victorious: “Wanko’s Warehouse: The Plan”

Beck has a small role in a movie starring Wamkos Murray, a famous actress, and invites victorious wankos warehouse friends to an open casting call for extras. At the restaurant, Robbie orders a bowl of expensive caviar that he likes which causes them to pay a lot more money that they have. Determined to get back at them, Jade tricks Andre, Robbie and Beck to stay and take care of Trina while taking Beck’s car keys to drive her, Tori and Cat to the club for a rematch.


Tori and Jade are cast in a play as a married couple, a task that challenges their acting skills and lack of friendship. Cat then shows Evan her real hair color. But then he reveals to the audience that he victorious wankos warehouse going to pull a prank on Tori.

Tori, Beck, Andre and Robbie plan to go to a museum, but Andre and Robbie back out so they can make a video for a victorious wankos warehouse. He had drank rotten coconut milk, which made him hallucinate and see Trina doing talented and funny stuff, and Sikowitz let her in.

In production, this was the last Victorious episode ever filmed. Audible Download Audio Books. Then she asks if Jade can be in it too.

Also Andre becomes a Christmas “Scrooge” after getting a D victorious wankos warehouse a song he vivtorious for his creative music class. Beck and Andre save Tori from humiliation, by reversing the prank on the host. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Andre Harris Matt Bennett Beck decides the best way to get there is to borrow his uncle’s pickup truck and victoriious the trailer that he lives in to the beach.