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In , Logical Journey was remade for modern systems, under the name Zoombinis. Award – Zoombinis: Upon welcome to Didimension Hotel, the player must arrange the Zoombinis in the Hotel’s compartments, again divided by characteristics. Once the natural balance of Zoombini Isle is restored, the Zoombinis return home to Zoombiniville. There are three Fleens on a tree branch, which must be lured from it by a Zoombini who has characteristics that correspond to the Fleen’s characteristics. If the Zoombinis choose to travel south from Shelter Rock, this is the leg that they will take. On a hunch, I did a search in the App Store for the Zoombinis and was stunned to see that it was there in its original form.

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As a result of the storm, the Boolies have ksland scattered across the land, and their mayor, the Grand Zoombini island Boolie, has disappeared. Zoombini island handful of characters from Logical Journey of the Zoombinis return in this game. It is revealed that after the escape of the Zoombinis, the Bloats remained to exploit all of the isle’s natural resources. It features the Zoombinis ‘ return to Zoombini Isleat long last. Below the lion is a path of 16 stones.

Once this leg is complete, the remaining Zoombinis will arrive at Shelter Rock, the first campsite. Retrieved from ” https: Quantum Spectre by EdGE. Computer Shopper subscription required — via HighBeam Research.


After an expedition of Zoombinis survey the damage on the island, they decide zoomgini bring caterpillars to restore balance zoombini island the island’s chain of life. So the Zoombinis have decided to undo the devastation left behind by the bloats by restoring the chain of life on the isle.

Zoombini Isle

zoombini island The player must notice arrows that alternate the directions in which they send Zoombinis, zoombini island well as panels that change direction when a bubble passes over a corresponding trigger. When a Fleen is lured off the branch by a Zoombini, it chases the Zoombini until the Zoombini escapes onto another tree branch.

Retrieved November 22, All lost Zoombinis return to the Shade Tree base camp. Zoombiniton is the new home of the Zoombinis. They meet up with strange creatures called Boolies who occupy a city known as Booliewood. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Views Read Edit View history. Sub-games such as “Allergic Cliffs” and “Stone Cold Caves” require the player to find patterns and arrangements of the Zoombinis in order to islajd the obstacle. If all three Fleens zoombini island the tree branch are lured off, the remaining Fleens are chased away by bees in formation of a pair of scissorsan arrowor a storm cloud. Zoombini island that, the Bloats left. New illustration and animation for the final road to Zoombiniville.

When all the pegs are gone, the portcullis falls and the Zoombinis behind it cannot continue.


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Each time the player brings an entire group of 16 Zoombinis through a certain zoombink at a certain level, a special zoombini island is constructed. Summer Modern Remake.

Optional on-screen captions in English and Spanish. The Zoombinis encounter a cave where a large stone lion guards the only way onward, and to which the Zoombinis are permitted by a ziombini supported by pegs. The gameplay takes more of an adventure game approach, as the number of Zoombinis on a part of the journey differ throughout different parts of the game after each checkpoint between Zoombiniville and Booliewood. If the wrong bridge is selected, the face embedded in the cliff will sneeze and the Zoombini will be sent zoombini island back to the initial side, whereupon a peg will fall into the crevasse.

Teachers College, Columbia University. Here are two bridges across a crevassesupported by six wooden pegs. If this is done correctly, the pendulum is lifted and the Zoombini, riding a mine cartwill jump across a shaft and proceed.

There are zoombini island Fleens on a tree branch, which must be lured from it by a Zoombini who has characteristics that correspond to the Fleen’s characteristics. The same toad cannot be used more than twice; nor will any toads hop diagonally.