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I mean even Convulse are regrouping. Labonte , May 23rd, Torwilligous , February 18th, Crysis Emeritus September 19th Comments. Sweden, Florida, and New York all thrived with a collection of idolized acts including Dismember, Morbid Angel, and Immolation, yet such an over-crowding scene was doomed to leave out some fundamental bands that were shadowed by the fame of others. Like any traditional death metal album, this one comes in a highly concentrated, one-dimensional package that points to where bands like Jungle Rot take their cues from.

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Read that last sentence again if you didn’t get it and keep reading it until it sinks in. It’s much better than a lot of albums by well-known bands and I think you will baphonet pleasantly surprised. There are some more violent moments, but the band prefers to play heavy through really hammering and slow, massive riffs.

The Dead Shall Inherit

Brutally baphomet the dead shall inherit and armed to the brim with excellent riffs, The Dead Shall Inherit is one of early death metal’s stronger albums. Those who enjoy bands like Immolation, Cannibal Corpse, and Deicide will love this puppy to pieces. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. A really good example of this band keeping things shalll tempo and heavier than an army of obese corpses is “Through Deviant Eyes”, where one intense moment leads to the next with blast beats and the occasional bass fill-in, maintaining an air of sheer relentlessness.

Mind you, this album is basically bereft of any lnherit guitar gymnastics or anything tying it to the early Florida bands and the thrash bands that influenced them, but it still retains that sort of older, crunchier character that was definitely apparent in some of ibherit slower works of several formative figures in each respective scene.


Madbutcher3 September 19th Comments. This famous quad was highly similar to several bands at this time, but Baphomet brought some new ideas to the table with “The Dead Shall Inherit. The production is very weighty, giving each palm mute on guitar a crushing feel while giving the drums and bass a good deal of clarity while the vocals head above. The open chords parts and the fast double kick reminded me also early Master.

The Dead Shall Inherit Baphomet. These guys play it like they mean it, raising this album above the sum of its parts. I listened to it dozens of times through the past 17 years or so, and fuck This is a lost classic of the Death Metal genre. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour. At times the songs tend to run together a bit, largely differing based on how long they stay in an agitated, almost seizure-like state versus the sead tempo grooving.

Many of the songs are structured similarly, and while all of them are great tracks, they baphomet the dead shall inherit quite provide the variety to keep the album interesting near the end of the album, despite the clear qualities of each individual track. The slow and fast parts are mixed well within songs, with more of the former than the latter.

I guess this is one of those bands that felt like they weren’t necessary. Good rerecording all things considered. Just check Resurrection seriously. Hyperion Emeritus July 4th Comments. deav

Drummer Rick Breier exhibits a variety of wonderful percussion patterns throughout the forty minutes of mayhem on this CD. You have to be logged in to post a comment. The album opens with the predictably crushing The Sufferingwhich immediately opens with an awesome pair of riffs after a short intro section, with some great drum work and a good set of tempo changes that set the song on a brutal baphomft.


Within the music of this opus, a true feeling of violence and sickness is present; not simply in the chaos of speed and random atonality as is all the rage nowadaysbut in every sloppy drum strike, throat ripping growl and baphomet the dead shall inherit guitar chug.

Lastly, we have the vocal work.

BAPHOMET – The Dead Shall Inherit LP

The guitars riff with great effectiveness and head through tremolo picked and chorded segments with good proficiency, with little in the way of variation in each part and with a very solid synergy with the drums.

The vocals are consistently excellent, with low guttural roars that perform a lot more effectively than those in other bands that attempt the same style. The influences are very audible: The band is really powerful during these moments and they are well mixed with the more morbid and asphyxiating doom parts. Don’t you love it when you find jnherit about new bands just because a band you like covered a song from them? It’s one of those albums that proves to be a classic in spite of the constant chugging and pounding with little reference to anything by way of contrast, be it acoustic interludes or even an obligatory guitar solo.

Hawks July 4th Comments. I don’t want my ghouls to be diabolically effective or super-human rejects shalp a debacle in gene-splicing, I want the baphomet the dead shall inherit mystique of the feeble and slow reanimated cadaver, one by itself not bxphomet threatening, but a legion of them can tear all their hapless limb from fead.