Finance Advice

When you apply for finance the lender will look at your credit file and do a credit check. It will be clear to the lender if you have made a number of finance applications in rapid succession, and this will be frowned upon once again hampering your chances of getting future credit.

Remember that if you are turned down for credit by one lender there is very little chance that you will be accepted by another lender right away, which is why you need to steer clear of making another application for finance right away.

Make sure that before you make your application you check the lender’s eligibility criteria to reduce the chances of that initial rejection, and avoid making applications for finance on a whim make sure that you really do need to take out finance before you apply, otherwise you could ruin your chances for the time when you really do need to take out credit.

As soon as you are turned down for credit immediately request a copy of your credit rating file and check for any discrepancies. Simple faults like not being on a voters register can have a diverse effect on your chances of getting some credit. Once these checks are done wait for a while or even get something like a poor credit credit card in order to build up a sounder credit history.